Battle Of The Sexes

Folks, there is a war being waged. And you’re right in the middle of it. If you don’t believe me, just check your social media feed and news outlet. It’s all around us and nobody has the luxury of remaining neutral. Nope, no one gets an excuse or hall pass. Neutrality isn’t something that exists for us. You either choose or somebody else chooses for you.

Let’s talk about this one battle in particular. The battle of us. But more specifically, the battle of the sexes. We’re all up in arms about it. We sure are. It’s either something we unabashedly support and defend or it’s something we ardently oppose and fight against. Honestly, there’s plenty of really good and great people on both sides of it (as is typically the case with any issue). Alas, there’s also some misguided and ignorant ones and then there’s the bad ones on both sides too. But we’re here to approach this from the perspective of our country’s majority.

james-charlesn-new-coverboySo, let’s dive right in. First, it was just recently announced that the new Cover Girl would be a person named James Charles. Who isn’t a girl at all. Then Maybelline showcased Manny Gutierrez as its brand ambassador. Also not a girl. We’re either all disgusted and in a frenzy over these new developments or overjoyed and hopeful with this newfound “acceptance” in society. Now then, let’s look at this a little closer, shall we?

Consider the following two scenarios for a few moments:

Thought pattern of group numero unoWhy would any kind of decent person actually be upset over this tolerance, acceptance, and love? Are they really that judgmental and unloving? They just want us all to stay in the Dark Ages and never move forward — Rainbows unite, y’all!

Thought pattern of group numero dos – How could any good and decent individual actually support and encourage the de-masculinity of our boys today? How is this unnaturalness actually okay in their brains? They are trying to tear down our country and the values it was built on!

See the very contrast difference of perspective within these two mindsets? Neither one has a personal vendetta against any one person in particular. Neither one is out to ruin the happiness of someone else. It’s simply based on their perspective and what they’ve based that perspective on.

Frankly, I come to you as a part of the latter mindset. And this is why:

#1 what I believe in (such as my faith) directly affects and determines my actions, values, and the stances I take on issues.

#2 There is a good quote by Benjamin Franklin which has throughout history, both before and after his time, been proven to be true: “When a religion is good, I conceive it will support itself; and when it does not support itself, and God does not care to support it, so that its professors are obliged to call for the help of the civil power, ’tis a sign, I apprehend, of its being a bad one.” I also believe that this concept is very applicable to nearly every other various aspect of our world as well. If something is “good,” then it will support itself throughout history and prove itself to be true. When it does not, it is bad and it is bad on the world too.

The aforementioned two items are what determines my mindset and perspective and furthermore my actions and choices. Consequently, I am completely against emasculating men. I am completely and totally against this Cover Girl/Maybelline fiasco. I am against making it seem like it’s “okay” for a boy to want to be a girl. I am anti little boys turning into little girls and vice versa and blah, blah, blah. However, in all honesty, my motive here or in any other sort of conversation or article that we may share together is truly not to get you to believe what I believe. I already know that I’m right and I already know why. My mission is to present you with the facts and questions so that you can fully understand and comprehend your choices. You are then a responsible party who will stand accountable for either a right or wrong decision. But the choice is always up to you and it’s neither my place nor anyone else’s to decide what affects you personally.

Now, having stated this, let’s move on to the topic at hand: The battle of the sexes. What’s the big deal, right? Like, I mean, people just want to be happy. C’mon, man. It’s the land of the free! Well…..hugging-pillow

Once upon a time, there was a man in Japan who had the inkling to marry the pillow that he was in love with. So he did and they are now a happily wedded couple enjoying plenty of pillow fights I imagine. By the way, that’s a true story and you should Google it. To most people, and I’m going to give the generous benefit of the doubt here, I assume that sounds pretty bizarre. But to that man, his happiness was dependent upon his marriage to a pillow. Our happiness should not be rooted in us getting our deepest (darkest) desires come true. And just because we want something to be right….doesn’t exactly make it right. Stop and re-read that last sentence, please. Ready?

Just because we want something to be right…. does not make it right.

Whoa. News flash, I know.

The reason that this is all such a “big deal” isn’t because society is just being stubborn, bull headed, and judgmental on this particular issue. It’s not because the majority of the world would like some people to live with perpetual internal turmoil or to repress who they really are deep down. It’s because it brings to light a much deeper and serious issue. It’s a heart issue and it’s an issue of the morality which our nation has traditionally held to and known to its very core to be true. In this particular case and battle, the belief that men were created to be men and women were created to be women. Male to be male and female to be female. Man and woman. Husband and wife. Those are all things based on a certain conviction to what morality means and is. Now, not only is this being chosen by individuals to be rejected, it is also being splayed across billboards, flaunted, and advertised while influencing our younger generation and redefining the original morality standard which stated this was definitely not A-Okay. As a human being, you have the right to make a free choice when it comes to something that affects solely you and your own life. You can make the right choice or you can make the wrong choice. That’s up to you. However, this dilemma of gender identity crisis is now not only the fruition of your own free choice but it is also a furthering of your own mindset which teaches a generation around you that your personal choice is okay and that it is the right choice. That there’s no difference between men and women and quite possibly any one of us could have been born into the wrong body.

Quick history 101 — Back in the 1800s, men wore stockings, powder wigs, make up and heels. They also taught their boys to be boys and girls to be girls. There was a distinct difference regardless of the fashion preference of the day.

It’s not about the fashion or makeup. It far surpasses that skin deep issue.

My challenge to both those of the numero uno and dos stances regarding this issue: what is your mindset founded on?

I Of The Storm

I wish that I could save you. I truly do. I wish that I could make you see what I see. I wish that you would understand what I know to be true. And sometimes, I don’t know why you can’t or won’t see. I’m not entirely sure why you’re blinded. Because I’m safe aboard a life boat while I watch your sinking ship. Yet, I can’t force you to choose safety and life. It’s up to you. You choose to cling to your Titanic. That’s your choice. And so you drown in your numbing waves of ignorance, preferring to believe a lie that may float you for a little while than take hold of the truth that would deliver you at length.

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Can You Name One Celebrity That Died Caring About You?

It’s me tuning in again. After a much lengthy but rather needed sabbatical away.

(Dang. That photo is making my eyes bug out. Note to self: use still images).


Just real briefly, I wanted to touch base on a couple of things. As many of you may have noticed as well, I’m sure, I’ve seen a whole freaking lot of “2016 sucks” or “2016 is the worst year ever” memes. And yeah, there were some pretty sucky things that took place. I would be the first to know. But more specifically, I’ve seen a lot of stuff posted regarding the recent celebrity deaths which have taken place, and my heart really does go out to their loved ones. It’s undoubtedly tough to lose anyone close to you and someone’s death is not something to be disregarded in the least. However, the fact that we tend to mourn these celebrity deaths to the extent that makes their passing seem like some sort of global tragedy is frankly a little disconcerting. Because there are real and actual global tragedies going on around us.

Just to put this a little bit into perspective:

The Black Plague wiped out half of Europe’s population between 1346 and 1353.

The Civil War claimed 600,00 American lives, 2% of their population, from 1861 to 1865.

The Nazis murdered 11 million people and started a global war that killed tens of millions between 1939 and 1945.


I also noticed this post on Face Book the other day that struck me pretty hard core:

136 police officers died in 2016 along with 87 firefighters and 14 United States soldiers. Can you name one celebrity that died caring about you, your family, your safety, or the freedom that we all enjoy?


Once again, I’d like to reinforce that I’m not meaning to be disrespectful of these individuals passing. But are we really stating that an inordinate amount of celebrity deaths constitutes a terrible year? People die every day. One way or another all of us are going to go. Seems like we tend to honor our fallen heroes and protectors to a much lesser and far less respected extent than we do the people on screen who have died from self inflicted harm or drug abuse. Except for providing a bit of entertainment, these folks really did little for those who bemoan their passing. So to say that 2016 is the “worst year ever” seems to be petty and really pretty shallow. I would suggest we admit that some less than stellar and sad things happened this past year. But it wasn’t the worst year ever and we really don’t know what a worst year ever looks like as a generation or society if losing public figures that don’t even care about us and that we don’t even know personally is the worst we’ve ever experienced.





Till I Fall Asleep

I’m not sure where time flies to. But fly it does. I promise I’ve neither died, fallen into a comatose abyss, or been taken away by little men from the Twilight Zone. And if you don’t know what the Twilight Zone is, then you definitely need to educate yourself on it and check it out.

I am finally breaking the sabbatical of silence. I’m sorry. I know. It’s been a couple of months since I last wrote. More like three. Or four. That’s a long time. And in that span of time, well, some things have gone down.

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In A World of Fear

The sound still echoes in my ears. The thrum of wings against the air. We were running as fast as our little legs would carry us from the soaring creature. It was a big one, too. I was only six at the time,  but I can still remember the horrific experience to this day. We’d been playing outside on an exceptionally nice summer’s afternoon when our squeals of delight ignited the angry fire in the soul of the bumble bee. He tore us away from our innocent play and herded us to the front porch. The door was so close but I could hear the beating wings in my ear and my heart quickly plummeted. My baby sister had never been stung before and I had no idea whether that first sting could be a fatal one. I reached the door and yanked on the handle. There was only one choice. I pushed her through the doorway and could hardly get past the look of terror in her eyes. I shut the screen and let my hand rest on the glass. Such an ironically thin barrier between utter danger and complete safety. She was securely inside and I faced my fears. I hoped that the welt and fire I felt would eventually take me out. It was a very long day of hell on earth.

Brave. What a seemingly simple, little word. If someone asked you if you were brave, would you say that you are? Do you know what that is? Do most of us really act out that verb or do we only spout it out when we want to pretend that we will stand up and fight for something that’s at a distance? Do we live out what we say we believe? It’s easy to claim you’ll die for something or someone…but can you so easily live for it?  Bravery is not the lack of fear. It is doing what you are afraid to do but know that you must and should do. It is moving forward in spite of fear. You’ll never take courage if you’re not brave enough to live for what you say you’re willing to die for. Life doesn’t always get easier. We have a choice to get stronger. We have the opportunity to be better. We can decide to be braver. Continue reading “In A World of Fear”

Being Human

You only live once. Or so they say. But what if…. you actually lived twice? What if everything that you did during this lifetime carried over into another? Would it affect your perspective and why you do things? Would it change the way you look at the meaning of your life? Perhaps.

What if you actually have a mission and a purpose? What if your life was not accidental and there’s no way in heaven or hell that you existing could have come by a random galactical chance? And what if, it intentionally kept you from fulfilling that mission and your purpose in life by convincing you…that you didn’t have one. Continue reading “Being Human”

The Silent Scream

You have every right to your own personal belief. Whatever that belief or lack of belief is. Personally, I believe in God and I am a Jesus follower. It wasn’t always this way for me though and at one point during my journey of agnosticism, I clung to the facts on everything. So, if you don’t believe in a higher power, then look at the facts. Truth and what works to make the world continue to be a good and ethical place will always prove itself to be true.

I’m going to be very real and very frank here. If it seems harsh, that’s because it probably is. We can’t go through life having everything sugar coated and easy to swallow. That’s why our world is the way that it is today. Everyone is afraid of offending someone. Well unfortunately, not everyone is right and plenty of people are wrong about all sorts of things. They are wrong in mindset, in perspective, in the way that they’ve been conditioned to view things, and in their reasoning behind the choices that they are making. There is right and there is wrong. There are absolutes whether or not we want there to be. Just because we don’t want to believe in something doesn’t keep it from being true. Sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes we each need a good dose of it. Continue reading “The Silent Scream”